How long has Rogers, MN been misplaced? Let me count the minutes….

As I noted last week, Google Maps has managed to lose (more or less) the town of Rogers, MN….their “report a problem” feature notes that Map corrections take 30 days.

This widget will keep track of how long it actually takes for Google to find Rogers…the clock has started!

Will they meet their self imposed deadline? Will Rogers ever find its way back to the 7-Pack? Will they find the real Rogers?

Stop back next week to learn the exciting conclusion to this and other mysteries.

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How long has Rogers, MN been misplaced? Let me count the minutes.... by

12 thoughts on “How long has Rogers, MN been misplaced? Let me count the minutes….”

  1. Rogers has gone where the socks do – into the black hole of the washing machine.

    Love the widget. Come on, Google: it’s time to help Rogers out!

  2. @Miriam

    I think that lost sock theory is likely to be true. I mean with socks you always end up with one out of the pair. Well Rogers seems to be in the same situation, only one can be found.

  3. @Scott

    the Rogers that your search points is not the “right” Rogers. Your search points to an area SW of St Paul. The “real” Rogers is NW of St Paul

  4. I usually find lost keys, a wallet, or any other thing in my house within a week. I assume Rogers is somewhere in the google geo data base.

  5. Poor Rogers 🙁

    I feel sorry for any web consultant with a client in Rogers. I am sure they are having fun explaining to their client how Google lost the entire town…
    (Of course it is even worse for the businesses there)

    I have a client whose listing disappeared and reappeared twice from the top of the 7-pack over a 3 day period…

    I may take up drinking

  6. Yikes! That’s why I use a Garmin Zumo 550 for directions and do not rely on Google Maps. Does Google actually use GPS to update their maps? how can they lose a whole town?

    1. I doubt that overall the Garmin is much more accurate than Google but it might be…Google collects much of their underlying data via cars with GPS driving around…

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