A Video Tour of the Google LBC Category Preview Tool

Local Search Consultant Don Campbell of Expand2Web.com has compiled this very nice tutorial on why and how my Google LBC category tool can assist in your Google Maps Local Listing efforts. THANKS!

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
A Video Tour of the Google LBC Category Preview Tool by

16 thoughts on “A Video Tour of the Google LBC Category Preview Tool”

  1. This is a very informative video. I learned a couple things that i can now implement in my own google local business center. The tool is very powerful and can really help improve your efficiency

  2. So, according to the video, it is not good to use custom categories? I have listed 4 custom categories for my local business with great results. Am I really better off going with google’s standard categories?

  3. Another great video by Don Campbell.

    I had forgotten how I picked my categories, so I went and reviewed them. Then I remembered, I choose my categories the simple way. I just used the same categories of the top two or three competitors in the field!

  4. @Nate

    I think that judicious and appropriate use of custom categories is warranted. Understanding your users, their search phrases & how google handles them is critical.

    The criteria should be results. If the searches on custom categories show in the 7 pack and they result in qualified traffic than by all means use them. It should depend on the competitiveness of your market and your ability to achieve results.

  5. Our custom categories have produced results, yes. Our main competitor uses custom categories and dominates Phoenix. We are in a suburb of Phoenix and are struggling to crack the 7 pack for Phx. Unrelated issue, yes, frustrating nonetheless.

  6. Very cool tool, and the vid makes it super simple to understand. I’ve struggled on occasion when adding client’s businesses to Google local, and this definitely looks like it will help.

  7. @Nate

    I’m with you on this one. I have several clients that I utilize one or two custom categories within the LBC. These categories seem to have a further reach and impact on more keyword rankings and overall traffic then the suggested Google Categories. I’ve been trying to focus my attention to the keywords that naturally produce local results versus keywords which require the addition of a city to generate local results.

    – shane

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