Google’s Jazz Interface Returns to the 7-Pack

Google’s upcoming Jazz interface, which was showing a 5 pack on local searches since it was introduced on a test basis last year is now showing the 7-Pack (Hat tip to PureSheer). Here is the current view:

Here is the view from early January:

Jazz Early January

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Google's Jazz Interface Returns to the 7-Pack by

6 thoughts on “Google’s Jazz Interface Returns to the 7-Pack”

  1. I was just thinking that this would be a necessary step for the paid listings. Google needs to give as many people chances to stay on the top listings as possible as it will increase the chance of someone paying the $25.00

    I did like saying the phraze “low five pack”

  2. Hello Mike, just a quick question. How much is Google paying you to promote their Maps product on your blog? It’s gotta be hell lot of money. Re: our argument few weeks back on whether it’s good or not to have such a powerful monopoly-like company like Google. You argued heavily on grounds of business competition and ultimate shareholders interest. Read last couple of sentences from Greg Sterling’s post which is by the way an opinion of the general public.

    No one benefits from such a monopoly, only the company itself and the people it hires to write blogs about it :o).

    Watch out for Microsoft and Facebook this upcoming year. Better switch sides when the time comes so you can continue to write albeit for a different company :o)


  3. @Lee

    You misunderstand the thrust of my argument.

    I am making several points.

    1)I am not arguing that monopoly is good but that it is a “natural” outcome of capitalism. If you want to get rid of monopoly, then get rid of capitalism.

    2)In our society when talk starts rising in the government and in the press about some company being a monopoly, there is usually some large corporate competitor not far behind…usually pulling to strings and driving the conversation.

    3)If you think that our government is going to enforce monopoly laws because it helps the common man, you don’t really understand how our government works.

    4)Any policy put in place by government intervention will help the other, opposing corporate interests not you and me. In the end the best you will have is an oligopoly and that will not be in your interests (or rather that of the common man or I….I don’t really know who you are) and not any better than a monopoly.

    5)Just because Microsoft, in driving the public conversation, is temporarily congruent with the public will doesn’t mean that policy outcome will favor the public will…..the public will will be distorted and used to benefit Microsoft. That is how our system works. One Dollar, One vote…

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