Google Map Enhanced Listing Billing Tab Visible in ALL LBCs?

Becky of has pointed out what appears to be a mistake but could be inidicitive of a wider rollout of the Enhanced Listing test. The billing tab for the Enhanced Listing test is visible in every Local Business Center account.

Go to your list of coupons and select the “link” link:

Select the billing tab:

You will be presented with this billing page:


Becky has put together this “>screen shot video to demonstrate the step that she used to find the billing tab.

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Google Map Enhanced Listing Billing Tab Visible in ALL LBCs? by

11 thoughts on “Google Map Enhanced Listing Billing Tab Visible in ALL LBCs?”

  1. Yep, I just created a coupon for the sole purpose of seeing this — and sure enough, I get the same Billing tab with the opportunity to buy an enhanced listing. Very innaresting. No Billing tab was visible until after I created the coupon.

  2. I too created a coupon and sure enough I got the billing tab. I also filled it out and I am waiting to see what happens. This is kind of fun waiting for a surprise from Google.

  3. I’m see the billing tab in a clients LBC account. I can decide of this is a error or Google actually testing something. Seems if they were testing something they give you more info about what this marketing service will do for you.

  4. I came here because I was trying to figure what the heck an enhanced listing is. I suppose we are all impatiently waiting to see what happens. lol.

    They really do you dry on this one! Google makes no guarantee of your listing placement for any key words. It does not even grant “preference.” The regular maps allows us to add video, links to the site, etc. I can’t imagine what else Google could give us besides preference? Unless the plan is take away some of the free privileges we have enjoyed for years. I hope there is a grandfather clause on this new service! It sounds like Google stockholders are taking over trying to milk us dry! Google money is the equivalent to oil money. It was just a matter of time before they figured us out! This crazy little button could be the end of us all! LOL

  5. Hey guys,

    When I discovered this, I was pouring through a client’s LBL because it not been running since Jan 20th. I was racking my brain trying to see why they removed him from the LBL’s. Anyway, upon this discovery, my client entered his credit card and signed up for the enhanced listing. Our real goal was to get the listing “unstuck”.

    Voila! Google must have manually reviewed his listing and activated it again, or… maybe it was automatic because he was giving them money?

    He immediately appeared again, in position 41, but then dropped significantly over the next few hours. However, even this morning, he’s still active. My expecation is that they’ll crawl and find his citations, and he’ll start climbing.

    As others have noted, however, there is nothing that appears to be enhanced about his listing — its not highlighting his coupon.

    Will let you know how it proceeds. If nothing else, I hope this is a mechanism to get a listing unstuck.


  6. You are correct that what you are seeing is a bug. We’re aware of the problem and working to fix it as quickly as possible.

    To offer clarification:

    We are currently running a trial of a new ads feature in San Jose and Houston. The feature enables business owners to enhance their LBC listing for a flat fee of $25/month (free for the month of February). Due to this bug, LBC users who have not created an enhancement are seeing the Billing tab in their Dashboard. We will be removing the tab as soon as possible, and rest assured that those who entered their information without creating an enhancement will not be charged. LBC listings continue to be entirely free and will run as normal.

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