Google Maps partners with eFax to Promote Local Business Center

Since early summer, Google Maps has been actively promoting the Local Business Center to SMBs. This is a positive development as the LBC needs relatively high adoption to truly succeed and provide the promised benefits. Until this summer, Google was all too quiet about its existence. There have been a number of relatively high profile activities that Google has embarqed upon to promote the LBC of late:

-The initial rollout of the Places campaign in large metro areas in July
-The Favorite Places posters to 190,000 businesses in December
-Their appearance at the National Retail Federation Big Show in NYC this week
-Their sponsorship of the newly announced Local University seminar series*

Taylor Cimala of Digital Third Coast recently alerted me to a new LBC marketing effort, noting this email he received as a result of Google’s partnering with eFax to promote the LBC:

*Disclosure- I am actively engaged in the planning and presentation of this event

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Google Maps partners with eFax to Promote Local Business Center by

4 thoughts on “Google Maps partners with eFax to Promote Local Business Center”

  1. This is a great idea! by adding Efax to the small business center it makes it more convenient to us the local business center for daily activities. Google is smart because there making the google dashboard a necessity for small businesses in america. America runs on small business so google needs to focus there attention on small businesses with low profits

    1. Jason

      I hadn’t thought about integrating Fax with the Dashboard but it certainly is conceivable that they would integrate Google Voice, call tracking and many other phone functions there. I think though before they add those types of capabilities they have the need to get data and more data so that this info can be fed to like Twitter is now being fed.

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