Most Read Stories of 2009

2009 has been an exciting year of growth for local and for my blog. To all of those many folks world wide that have regularly contributed to the conversation and my learning I say THANK YOU!

Here are the 10 Most Read Stories of 2009 (in order of total pageviews):

1. Google replaces TeleAtlas data in the US with Google data
2. Tracking Local Search Traffic with Analytics (Thanks to Martijn Beijk!)
3. Google Maps Proves more Locksmiths in NYC than Cabbies
4. Where are Google Places Pages going? To the Index?
5. Google Maps vs Locksmiths Spammers – Spammers winning?
6. Big boobs bounce back to Top of Google Maps
7. Google Maps now showing Local 10 pack on Broad non Geo phrase searches
8. Google Maps – How to Remove Duplicate Records in the Local Business Center
9. Google Maps – Merging Mania Due to Algo Change
10. Why the Google Local Business Center Fails

The 5 Most Read Stories from the Back Library:

1. Ranking Factors in Google Maps – Cracking the Code @ SMX Local
2. Google Maps still loading slow – try html
3. List of Google Maps Categories
4. Microsoft’s listing in Google Maps Hijacked – (Oops by Me)
5. Google Maps New Local 10 pack Now Live

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15 thoughts on “Most Read Stories of 2009”

  1. All great articles Mike. Thank you for your dedication in providing what I consider the number one source for all things local on the internet. Have a great holiday season and I look forward to 2010!

  2. Great job all year long, Mike. Very insightful articles. Also they’ve been fun to read. Above all they are a source of incredible information and an opportunity to learn.

    I was sort of surprised though that this piece didn’t crack the top 10…if not be ranked #1: (so well written and above all astute if not voluble.

    I was also surprised, for a different reason that #6 wasn’t #1.

    All kidding aside, Great job!!! 😀

  3. 2009 was a pivotal year in local search, at least I think so. Merry Christmas Mike and all the rest of the local pro’s, small biz owners too. 2010 will be another great year!

  4. Dave, I never knew you were such a shameless self-promoter!

    I can’t believe that the Locksmith post made it all the way up to #3. Mike, perhaps the lesson is to get your content on TechCrunch more often and stop screwing around with we Local Search chumps… 😀

  5. Thank you so much for letting all of us learn with you, Mike. I want you to know, 2009 is the year in which I have first had new potential Local clients tell me that they read your blog, as a way of letting me know that they are aware of Local SEO. Pretty cool, huh? Keep up the wonderful work here, and please let me wish you a truly Happy New Year!

  6. @Art


    Your post was late in the year and didn’t have time to develop “legs”. Perhaps if you posted on on January 2nd?

    Thanks, all kidding aside.

    Actually that one was picked up by Bruce Schneier, a security expert who is apparently widely read.

    You are right though, once it goes outside our industry, traffic soars. The problem is the readers from those markets are just too fickle. 🙂

    @Dev & Stever
    Thanks and same to you.


    Thanks for all of your commenting and input. I too am seeing more “end users” coming through the turnstiles this year.

  7. Ditto to what the gang above has already said, Mike. Thx for all you do for small/local biz owners, and for the local search community in general. Look forward to meeting you in 2010. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. @Martijn

    Actually you were number 1 right up till the end of October when the TeleAtlas story finally passed…Thanks again for a great article.


  9. The year of the Locksmiths!! 2 Locksmiths “listings” in Mike’s “10 pack”. We are spamming your blog as well..

    This is really an A1 blog! well done & keep it happened. As we all know, we can change the realty by couple of clicks. So keep changing, creating & overlooking the Local world & its search results!

  10. I’m going to post this on my blog. We read your blog regularly to keep up to date with local search trends and I think highlighting your most highly read stories is a great service.

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