Google Maps News of The Weird – RustyBrick’s Favorite Places Poster Miscoded?

Update: Google called Barry.  Even though it is in their recommended QR scanners list, they told him “not to use the BeeTagg scanner and try QuickMark for iPhone or Barcode Scanner for Android.  Both worked correctly”. My question: What good is a bar coding system that is only accurate 2 out of 3 times?

Barry Schwartz reports at SeRoundtable that the QR code on his Favorite Places Poster recently received from Google leads to the wrong Places page. Rather than take the viewer to Brick Marketing, it takes them to the Citrus Grille. Here is a video of his abortive scan:

Did Google just mess up Barry’s? Are the errors more widespread? Was it hijacked as Barry asked?

Has anyone else experienced similar results?

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Google Maps News of The Weird - RustyBrick's Favorite Places Poster Miscoded? by

10 thoughts on “Google Maps News of The Weird – RustyBrick’s Favorite Places Poster Miscoded?”

  1. The accuracy percentage of this new feature Google offers might be lower than they thought. Do you think this is an app error or an error on Google’s part.

    I am pretty sure that Denso-Wave’s 2 dimensional bar code is correct, is it possible that the local listing was merged with Citrus Grill?

    If not, the error could be on Google’s part placing the bar code on the wrong favorite places page.

    We probally will not know until more instances like this arise.

  2. Not only is my barcode inaccurate (using quickmark- haven’t tried others yet)… it’s WAY off. My business is in Tampa… and my result comes up as the W Hotel Times Square in NYC. Only off by a few thousand miles.

    Going to try another app or 2 to see if it’s the app or the google card.

  3. We got one of these at my company, and ours is wrong too. Right name and address on the mailer, of course, but the barcode apparently points at Minute Maid Park. Yes, we’re in Houston, but we’re not the Astros. Or Minute Maid.

  4. Hi – this is Ryan at Google, working on this project. Can you let me know what app/phone you are using? I’ve already heard from one of the app developers that they found a bug in how the latest update of their app is reading our URLs. Basically, the app is encoding the URL even though it’s already encoded and is thus sending the user to the wrong page. They’re pushing a fix, I’d like to confirm it’s the same app. Thanks!

  5. @Ryan
    What apps do work. I just got one of these for my business and I tried mine on QuickMark and it got the city right just not the right business.

  6. Update on our record: A new version of QuickMark apparently came out yesterday, and my boss updated his phone last night. His history (QuickMark apparently stores previous requests) now points to the right location.

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