New Web based KML & Geo Sitemap Tool Released

Google has long looked across the web for geo signals that reinforce their understanding of your business and its location. Since October 2007 Google has been indexing both geoRSS and KML files for inclusion in the Maps index as user generated content and related that geo information to your business listing.

In the first quarter of 2008 they added support for KML sitemaps to webmaster central to actively alert Google of your geo info and any changes that might occur in your location information. If you want to understand the flow of KML information through Google’s index this flow chart provides an overview the routes it takes into and through the various Google indexes.

KML & KML sitemap use on local websites has been hindered by its complexity and lack of simple tools, web based or otherwise. Creating KML (but not the attendant sitemap) has been possible with Google Earth but it has remained pretty geeky & tedious affair.

At least until now.

Arjan Snaterse, a developer from the Netherlands, has just announced the release of his KML & Geo Sitemap generator. It is a web based tool that makes simple something that was complex and hard to understand.

While still in beta, the tool is a very easy way to create a KML file and sitemap for inclusion on your business’s site. The interface guides you through the process and allows you to add either a few locations and addresses manually or bulk upload a CSV file with multiple locations. It then geocodes the location information, generates the KML & sitemap files and makes them available for placement on your site.

Give it a try at and let Arjanse and the other readers of this blog know what you think.

Disclaimer: I have no personal involvement in the product other than I have helped Arjan debug and polish this tool and have been using it for several months.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
New Web based KML & Geo Sitemap Tool Released by

19 thoughts on “New Web based KML & Geo Sitemap Tool Released”

  1. Wow. This is going to be a huge time saver. This is the perfect tool for getting the job done without all the bells and whistles – it is elegantly simple.

    I can do in 5 minutes what used to take me hours. *shakes fist a wasted time*

    Thanks for letting us know about this Mike.

  2. Good tool, my best guess is that this will be an emerging SEO tactic for better local and map results. Everything I have read so far says there is no correlation between with KML or Geo Sitemaps and hire rankings / better performance.

    Does anyone else have experience that says otherwise?
    Regardless, nice find Mike.

  3. @jeff

    I doubt that is has any significant affect on rank. It reassures Google that you are who you say you are, gives them a reliable way to place you and your site geographically.

    It does show as user content on your places page so it might provide tiny bit of ranking oomph but more importantly it sneds a strong “do not merge” signal.

  4. Are there specific ways to use this tool and generate a geo sitemap when you have one website with multiple locations….

    Or for service oriented business with a service area and no physical location?

  5. Snaterse’s tool removed the ampersand and all following text from my company’s name. In the rendered KML file it shows like this:

    Where the company name should be “Johnson & Johnson” (as an example.)

    Can you help with what I should be doing here? The addition of the CDATA code is also throwing me through a loop. (It seems I may be able to put an element like an ampersand within the CDATA?)

    Cheers, Mike.

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