Is Google AdWords Testing a New Local Adwords Display Type?

In July, Google upgraded AdWords to allow advertisers to add the full address to their search ads through location extensions. It appears that they are now testing a new ad layout similar to the one developed for Local Listing Ads.

Tim Coleman of A Second Opinion, sent along this screen shot from last week of a search for “garage door repair denver” that displays a new local AdWords ad type. (Click the image to view larger)


Has anyone else seen this type of Ad?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Is Google AdWords Testing a New Local Adwords Display Type? by

15 thoughts on “Is Google AdWords Testing a New Local Adwords Display Type?”

  1. I saw an example earlier in the week where there was a star next to the listing and hovering over brought up “featured” ad text. I wonder if people will intuitively know these 1, 2 and 3 markers relate to locations on the map, would be some interesting eye tracking research.

  2. @Mike – I saw a similar listing for a “san diego dentist”. I am not talking about the LLA’s above the 7-pak, rather down the right column. I saw 2-4 blue flags paired with local addresses above the AdWords listings. It was the first time I have ever seen this. If you do the search now you will not see the listing that i saw earlier this week though, nor will you see the listing for the “garage door repair denver”. I wonder if the LLA’s are being tested running down the right column? Personally I would want my LLA to be above the map!

    Nice Post!

    Kyle Kazak | Kazak Media

  3. hmmm i have even spoken where they list the telephone number of the advertiser on the Google Adwords ads where you can have the option to call them via Skype along the country flag. quite cool actually!

  4. I have not seen this option in the Adwords Center. I know where you can attach your local business account, but how do they determine if you get the eye catching blue marker?!

  5. I think the blue pin is added at Google’s discretion as a test at this point. It only shows sometimes and then not again even on the same search in the same market.

  6. Looks like the ads/map markers have been removed. It was getting ridiculous, imo. What with the map, with like 8 businesses, the 3 sponsored results at the top, with the 2-4 Map Marker Ads below those and above the map, it was pushing the organic results to the lower half of the page!! We work so hard for Organic Results and then they’re pushed down, far below the paid results, making them worth much less, and less likely to get clicked in!? I hope Google stops pushing down Organic Results – because their search engine model is quickly becoming more and more like what the old ‘paid for’ search engines, before Google came along and put them out of business, because they were so Organic! Makes you think that there might be another purely (or 85%) organic search engine coming at some point (not Google!).

  7. I tried adding my business address to my adwords account and you know what, there is no possibility. I think that this feature is available only for USA companies. Because I can not place my London address.

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