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Like all in the industry, I am curious about how a user might view and respond to the new display that Google is presenting when the Local Listing Ads are included. Between the Adwords, new Local Listing Ads & the 7 Pack organic results have been pushed very far down the page and user behavior is obviously impacted.

Not having a budget for this project I used one of the new algo generated online heatmap products, AttentionWizard to see what the results looked like. According to their own description there is a 75% correlation between this type of heatmap and a real heatmap. So what you see should be viewed with a few grains of salt. That being said, it is interesting. Click the image to view it larger.

Local Listing Ad HeatMap - Click to View Larger

What do you think?

Here is a screen shot of the original search for comparison purposes:


Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Local Listing Ad Heatmap by

19 thoughts on “Google Local Listing Ad Heatmap”

  1. @David

    Actually it hits the upper right side panel prior to returning to the 7 pack. Its interesting that the ad in the upper right corner is an Ad for Google Local.

  2. Seems like the glow of 2-5 on the 7-Pak is coming from the map view itself which is the hotspot. Could be viewers trying to match the 2-5 listings to the corresponding location on the map?

    The obvious question is: how does the heat map correspond to clicks?

  3. I find it somewhat hard to understand. Like David Mihm, looking at this makes me think the 2-5 positions in the 7 pac get a lot of visibility, somewhat less than the actual maps themselves.

    Do you have further explanation?

  4. looks to me that the clustering of map icons gets the attention, eye drawn to graphics (two colors of pins near one spot), and the positions 2, 3, 4 and 5 closest to that get some extra peripheral views from that.

  5. First of all, I find it really interesting that the Google logo appears to be the second hottest thing on the page. It makes me wonder if I, personally, look at the logo when getting results, or if, already being on Google, I just ignore it because I feel confident about where I am.

    Secondly, even if this heatmap is only 75% accurate, it certainly shows that images really draw the idea. The map is on fire. I would like to know, when all those people look at the map, how many of them click on it, and how many keep zooming around the page with their eyes to find something.

    Neat visuals, Mike.

  6. Actually it hits the upper right side panel prior to returning to the 7 pack. Its interesting that the ad in the upper right corner is an Ad for Google Local.Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. You can’t make it show, it needs to be where Google is looking and if they scrape it, index it and it add it to your cluster, it will show.

  7. This is very interesting . First listing almost gets missed and the logo gets a lot of heat which i find odd.

    People scan the page in an almost “F” shape.

  8. mmhhh, not seen results like that yet in OZ looks like some of the traditional SEO rankers are going to be miffed when it rolls out here.

  9. The issue of the weak A listing is an enigma for me.. Anyway, I think that people who looking for a service are with their fingers on their mobiles. Pretty sure that the A listing is getting more calls than all the others. Thoughts here?

    @mike (the one who looks for UGC- User Generated Content)- there are plenty of ways getting this kind of info into your listing. Think how can you ‘grab Google ear’ & show it exactly what you want it to see, in the most simple way you can think of. Be creative!!

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