Traveling – light postings

I am traveling to San Francisco today thru Sunday and will be posting extreemely lightly until next week.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Traveling - light postings by

11 thoughts on “Traveling – light postings”

  1. In honor of your travels to SF, I’ll submit this shameless plug of my non-profit organization of choice! I’ll be in San Francisco on Saturday for World Diabetes Day – if you or someone you know is affected by Type 1 Diabetes – here’s how you can get involved:

    Safe travels Mike!

  2. if you’ve a chance at all to get up to Sonoma, try Benzinger Winery…absolutely wonderful grounds, vineyard tour on a hay wagon, and then there’s that cabernet that is so so so wonderful!

    enjoy Mike….know I would!



  3. Mike: If you can figure out how to get a hold of my brother and sister-in-law in the area, she is an incredible cook.

    I’ll let them know you love to wash dishes. 😀

    If you happen to scrounge a meal from them, I’ll alert them to lock up all the towels so you don’t walk off with any.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Not sure you already have an official statement for this but a Google representative on the french speaking LBC forum just wrote that “categories order has no impact on the listing appearance”.

  5. @Keonda Thanks for that – I had a client the other day that was certain it did, whereas my experience told me it didn’t (considering that the LBC seems to reorder the categories for me sometimes).

    Mike – isn’t it neat when the conversation carries on without you? Looks like you won the game!

  6. @ meleighsmith

    the fact that there is conversation regardless of my presence is rewarding. I can only reiterate the idea that together we can learn so much more than apart and your presence (everybody here) validates that idea.

    Posted from a BART station in SF 🙂

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