StreetView Uses You Never Anticipated

Caution: The default volume on this video is set for 19 year old ears.

Ah, the price of mapping the world.

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StreetView Uses You Never Anticipated by

3 thoughts on “StreetView Uses You Never Anticipated”

  1. My favorite funny bits;

    Passenger = Man, look at all that sand. Ever think about trying to count all the grains?

    Driver = Like take almost as long as trying to photograph every street in America.

    Passenger = Oh man, that’s deep


    Driver = We’re in Detroit

    Passenger = Oh God, drive, drive, drive, drive. Lock the doors. Can you please lock the doors?

    Driver = Doors are locked.


    Passenger = Where are we? How long have I been asleep? What is this? Is this Atlanta? Seems pretty nice.

    Driver = We’re in Taiwan

    Passenger = Where’s Taiwan?

    Driver = We got orders from Google. We have to do the whole earth.

    Passenger = There’s a lot of Asian people here.

    🙂 too funny

  2. @Stever – I agree…its well done. I was struck by the creative use of StreetView scenes as a backdrop for the “drama”. Very cool animation idea.

    I wonder if they violate the StreetView Terms of Service?

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