Local Listing Ads Using Call Tracking with Google Voice

This morning, I was looking at a screen shot of a dentist that had both Adwords and a Local listing ad. It was obvious that the later was using a call tracking number. I was thinking that it must be a Google Voice number but I had no way to confirm.

Well, this afternoon in Google Q3 conference call my question was answered: All the calls generated via Local Listing Ads “go through Google Voice” (i.e., call tracking).

I am curious, will the client be able to retain use of the Google Voice phone number after their advertising ceases? Will the SMB be required to set up and configure a Google Voice account or will it just be a Voice number with none of the trappings? Does it have a simplified interface as well and can the SMB “pick” their phone number?

Additionally, SVP of product Jonathan Rosenberg spoke at some length about Maps and noted: “Everything is finally in place to enable small businesses to connect with customers online”.

In a related observation, this particular iteration of the Local Listing Ad display, shows the Blue Pin placed next to the ad but it was not showing on the Map.

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Local Listing Ads Using Call Tracking with Google Voice by

20 thoughts on “Local Listing Ads Using Call Tracking with Google Voice”

  1. How odd that the blue pin doesn’t show up in the map! I don’t even see the local listing ad in the map?

    Is that an oversight of Google’s? Why would they not include the local listing ad in maps?

    That’s quite a way to dominate the local search real estate…having an AdWords ad and a local listing ad.

    The local listings really dominate my netbooks screen. I have to scroll down quite a bit to see the natural listings. If I open the AdWords map I don;t see any natural results even on my 17″ monitor. Real trouble for natural results & IYPs.

    Any idea if local listing ads be included in mobile search? I don’t see it now http://ow.ly/uHm1

  2. Hi Martin

    I am not sure if you saw my post today, but I think I have explained the case of the missing pins. 🙂

    Yes, the ability to have both an Adwords and an LL ad will lead to visual domination. At first at least, those with knowledgable ppc staff will likely do just that.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Yes I read it as soon as I saw you posted it. Great explanation thanks.

    I know Google is coming up with a lot of interesting changes to Local Search but they still have a long way to go.

    I’ve become obsessed with local search since this economy has crashed and I am taking my 7 years on SEO and internet marketing experience to the local businesses in my area who have been hit so hard.

    I’m also studying the fast changes in mobile search since mobile is such an important part of local search. That’s why I asked the question about local listing ads and mobile.

    I appreciate all of your knowledge in this area and always look forward to your posts and tweets!

    Thank you,


  4. I didn’t realise that Google was going to use Voice to track calls, although that seems so obvious now.

    Between Google Local Listing Ads and the other recent changes Google sure is having a fun time keeping us on our toes!

    I’ve been using Google Voice since early grandcentral days and always imagined that they would put ads in GVoice like they do in gmail (since it translates the voice recordings into text). They probably will do that too someday, right? I mean is there anywhere Google doesn’t have their ads? 🙂

  5. @Taiyo

    Well if the Google Voice service can be used to sell more ads in Google and Maps then maybe you won’t hear an ad everytime you answer or call out..here’s hoping.

  6. My business address is my home in Fallbrook. How can I be “found” on local google search in San Diego or Del Mar? Any help appreciated.

  7. I’m looking to do some local listing ads and do have a local business center ad and am in the San Diego test market. How can I get these started? Anyone know of any firms who can help out?


  8. Is there a way for a home based contractor to have a 2nd listing on google local business center using 2nd address (executive suite) in the other city(s)?
    He has a landing page for the other city with link back to his home page.

    1. Executive suites, up to this point, have been ok with Google. There is an address, reception, a meeting area and if the user goes to that address a human response and ok user experience.

  9. I think its the obvious next step in “local” is the call tracking. This does seem like a bit of a double standard with Google and their local algorithm, but hey I’d love to be able to incorporate into my analytics for clients. Be worth every penny even they charged for it.

    I just want Google to sooooo badly start monetizing the local marketplace on a international level so they will then provide solid support the way they to for adwords, so we can clean up G-maps properly for some of these SMB’s. Until they make money we will not see any real support.

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