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Here is the content of the Bulk Upload Whitelist Request form:

Get Verified in Google Maps Local Business Center

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Generally, the best way to verify that you own a business is by receiving a phone call or postcard with a PIN. However, we understand this gets tricky if you have say, over 100 business locations, and most likely well before you get that far. If you have a minimum of 10 locations, you can submit a bulk upload. However, a bulk upload isn’t verified and so we can’t guarantee that it’ll show up on Google Maps.

That’s why we’re opening up a new verification process for business owners with feeds that satisfy the following requirements:

  • Accurate and up-to-date data
  • Full compliance with our Local Business Center Quality Guidelines
  • Submitted by the owner of all businesses in the feed
  • Feed has only been submitted by a single user

You must make sure to update your bulk upload whenever anything changes. We’ll review your account periodically for freshness of data, and listings will become unverified it if we find it doesn’t meet the requirements.

In order to have your feed considered for verification, you must fill out the form below and agree to our Feed Verification Policy. Please note that we will not respond to all requests.

Terms for submitting a store location file to the Local Business Center (LBC)

By submitting your store location data, you agree to follow the Terms of Service for Google Maps, as well as the additional terms set forth below. You understand that your LBC listings may be removed from Google products and services, and your Local Business Center account may be terminated if you do not comply with these terms.

Accurate, Specific Data

You agree to provide accurate data for any business listing that you submit. The information you supply for each listing must be undisputed, authoritative, and current to the particular business location. For example, be sure to include the direct, local phone number specific to the business location, instead of a number that serves many locations. Likewise, please include the homepage of your business’s primary website for the particular business location that you submit.

Primary Source

By submitting a business listing to the Local Business Center, you are confirming that you are the business owner.

No Spam

You will not engage in deceptive or manipulative behavior intended to alter search result ranking.

The whitelisting is a positive development for larger businesses with multiple locations and or brands making a previously untenable process potentially more friendly. Clearly the listings will be verified and not susceptible to community edits. It is still unclear how small of an upload will be approved and what timeframes a business will be looking at.

That being said, it appears that the process requires human intervention on Google’s part. Hopefully Google has allocated the human resources necessary to staff the many requests that will come in.

This new process does very little to facilitate agency interactions with the LBC or Google. While it appears that the option will be available to agencies to upload on behalf of their clients, it is not clear how cumbersome that additional layer of approval will be as the agency “must first be ‘approved’ by a representative of the company itself”.

The whitelisting appears to offer Google the benefit of fresher, better maintained listings for corporate and franchise entities but in the end its success will be predicated on Google’s execution of the process.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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