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Update 8/12/09 4:50 PM: I just received the newsletter in my mailbox. Just one showed up, but no stats just yet. Ok its 5:06 and I just received a second email with a different subject but the same newsletter but now including an overview of stats for one of the listings in the LBC.

In July of 2008, Google added additional communication capability settings to the Local Business Center where an LBC account was able to request a newsletter and updates to their LBC account. The first newsletter has just been released .

Here are the contents of the first newsletter:

Google Local Business Center

Local Business Newsletter Issue #1 – August, 2009

LBC logo
dotted lines
In This Issue:

Letter from the Local Business Center Team

Tips and Tricks

August Business of the Month: TCHO Chocolates

Latest from Google:

According to the Google post in the Help Forums the communication also includes the ability to get a snapshot of the data rich dashboard emailed on a monthly basis. It is not clear whether the mailings started or will occur over the coming month.

LBC Settings

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8 thoughts on “Google Maps starts Newsletter and Account Updates Email”

  1. I did not receive an email of the newsletter either so I am wondering if it is working correctly just yet…also what happens if I have 20 different businesses in my account?

  2. @Blumenthal…You will probably get 20 newsletters a year from now! I really like “tell us your story feature.” I would love to have testimonials OUTSIDE of my own testimonials just to show the progression of the LBC, it would be great if google puts a lot more stories linked to the LBC center.

  3. Oh this will be awesome – I get about 40 copies of the same thing. Woot Woot.
    I hadn’t forgotten about it cuz the silly thing keeps popping up on different accounts to click off what I want to do.
    It would be awesome to have the reports emailed monthly then I can provide that to the Sales team for the clients that were done manually.

    Heres to the hopes that soon the bulk uploaded listings will also be reported on again.

  4. Make sure to list your authoritative business website as your homepage, since Google uses information from your homepage to help improve search results.

    The choice to use the word “homepage” stuck out to me as interesting. Are they using homepage as synonymous for website or do they mean a single page?

  5. I think that Google is just trying to use “the vernacular” so as to make the newsletter more approachable. I think they mean website.

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