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The two Davids, among others, have been encouraging me to join the Twitter community and I have done so, with some trepidation, under the user name @mblumenthal.

Who do you follow in the Local space and why? What kinds of information do you find most valuable?

Margaret Shulock publishes her comics individually and as one of the SixChix, a group of 6 women that write a single comic strip that is syndicated by Kings Feature. She lives down the road and the above cartoon was used with her permission. You can read more about her work at the SixChix Blog.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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5 thoughts on “Twitter and Me”

  1. Mike, don’t fall into the silly trap of trying to get thousands of followers, or following thousands.

    Just follow your peers in Local.

    You will soon find you don’t rely on your RSS feeds for new links. You’ll get it, and much more from twitter.

    Every once in a while take a few days away from twitter too. It can suck a lot of time. Usefull time as its such a great tool for content discovery, but you can’t get any work done when you spend all day reading interesting new blog posts and articles shared on twitter.

  2. @Stever

    Sounds like good advice.

    My goal has always been to be a content generator not necessarily a consumer…why I am not sure but its the role I prefer….

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