Google Maps now offering a Whitelist Bulk Upload Beta for the LBC?

Google has apparently introduced a new service – a Google Whitelist Feeds Beta that allows for information from trusted bulk feeds to be automatically verified.

I had been hearing about a Local Business Center data feed that offered whitelisting and automatic verification from several sources. I have been unable to get confirmation from Google that the service existed but did see this comment by someone apparently participating in the beta. I also recently received this copy of an email invitation from Google to join the program. The other details provided by the correspondent left me confident about the likely authenticity of this communication.

Dear Google Partner,

Being on the Local Business Center (LBC) Whitelist is a way for you to help business listings be accurate on Google Maps. To be whitelisted, you agree to follow the terms of service for Google Maps, as well as the additional terms set forth below. You understand that your LBC listings may be removed from Google products and services, and your user account for the Local Business Center may be terminated if the Google Maps team determines you have not followed these terms. To agree to these terms, please respond to this email, typing the sentence “I agree” in your reply.

Accurate, Specific Data

You agree to provide accurate data for any business listing you submit. The information you supply for each listing must be the undisputed, authoritative, current facts that are specific to that particular business location. For example, provide the primary direct local phone number specific to that business location for th listing rather than a number that serves many locations. Likewise, make the home page the primary web site of the particular business location you submit.

Primary Source

By submitting a business listing to the Local Business Center, you represent that you have the express consent from that business to act as the primary source of business listings data supplied to Google Maps. In obtaining that consent, you also represent that you’ve notified the business that listings on Google Maps are free via Google’s Local Business Center, and that a business may add a listing without working throug an agent or whitelisted partner.

No Spam

You will not engage in deceptive or manipulative behavior intended to game search result ranking.

Thank You,

The Google Maps Team

Last year Carer Maslan spoke of an agency program that would facilitate larger scale interaction with the Local Business Center. Obviously the bulk uploads as they were originally construed led to spam and have been devalued as a source for trusted information. This beta appears to be a response to both the need for facilitating bulk updating of listings as well as guaranteeing better control over the quality of listings. If anyone has more information on the program I would love to hear about it.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps now offering a Whitelist Bulk Upload Beta for the LBC? by

24 thoughts on “Google Maps now offering a Whitelist Bulk Upload Beta for the LBC?”

  1. have heard rumblings of this and seen some evidence of it from our clients competition but still not sure if this is an option for agencies.

    Can’t wait for more info.

    As always your on top of it, good stuff.

  2. Brian

    Thanks. It isn’t clear who does and who doesn’t have access to this beta. It does seem to create a certain inequity in the market place for those that don’t have it thats for sure.

  3. Given how many people are calling for something like this on the Local Business Center help forum, Google can’t roll it out fast enough.

    I’ve got over 100 locations to manage, and the second-class status of bulk upload listings is frustrating. I can’t add coupons to my locations, for example.

    And since I’m pretty new to this, I’m learning it all the hard way, with no help at all from Google.

  4. Hi

    Well I’ll have to check my emails in all my LBC’s – I have one for each of my clients. Less clutter and the LBC starts getting shakey at about 400 listings.

    I’d say I have well over almost a couple thousand listings that I manage. So Yeah a whitelisting would be great. However; that would mean it’s for only one business centre potentially.

    I do agree about the inequity of the beta, there isn’t a very level playing field out there. If you have been given the “golden ticket” then the world is your oyster. If not – you still have to deal with your listings being unverified and open to over writes, missing or overlapped data from older listings or merged listings.

    Do we have to stand outside Google’s offices in CA to harang someone into letting all Agencies have access to this Whitelist Bulk Upload application? How is one solicited?

    I’m sure they want to keep the guest list a bit VIP so they don’t have the same spamming issues as previously – but you would think that they would / could do checks on valid agencies / CMR’s to validate their authentisity and allow you the opportunity to work with this tool.

    I applaud the thought – let’s just make it equitible for we that are legit.


  5. Mike-

    that link you have embedded above that states PUBLIC COMMENT – leads to a blog from the blog. I don’t see anything about a public statement.

    Am I completely out to lunch this early in the morning?

  6. @ Joan

    I meant a statement by someone using the beta appearing in the public realm. I will tweak the article to make that more clear.

  7. Oh phew.. I thought perhaps my morning OJ had too much vodka in it.

    I read the posting on that – and thought perhaps there was another link or I had totally lost the plot. ( which is where I would have laid odds on)

  8. Anyone know how to contact Google Local Listing Support. Or process to get to enroll in white listing feeds.

    Thank you!

  9. I contacted Google Adwords Representative but they werenot even sure that they could help with LBC account.

    Anyone knows how to get enrolled into Google Whitelisted Bulk Uploading beta features?

    Is there an email or contact info for LBC accounts.

    Thank you!

  10. Google has confirmed the existence of the beta and has stated that it will be offered as a choice in the LBC in several months time. Until then I can’t give you and more guidance.

  11. Mike, what is your source for Google’s confirmation of this. I called my rep last week and he said nothing exists. He may not be educated, but I’m wondering your source. Thanks.

  12. Hi,

    I have had many probs loading large sets client data to Google LBC. The list of business locations has been whitelisted, but I’m unable to find out if the best process is to resubmit the whole batch or wait for Google Local to update. Adwords rep not helpful and claims only 5 people are dedicated to google maps. Previosuly bulk uploads resulted in displays losing position, incorrect default URLs. Any ideas on best practice here? Thanks. Jon

  13. How do you know that the bulk upload was whitelisted? Is there a status or some sort of notifier that it was whitelisted?

  14. Hello James…Coz Google told me it was now whitelisted. What they won’t tell me is whether to upload again or wait for the content to be pulled in

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