Microsoft’s TellMe Spams Google with Bogus Tech Support Number

I saw this posted in the Google Help Forum thread Google is Merging Map Records and wondered if she knew something that I didn’t:

We tried the Google Technical Support people (Julie & Billy, the supervisor) at 888/882-7114. They sounded like they could fix the problem but only if we paid $35.00. Since we never requested that our listing be merged (in fact, we actually never even placed the listing – they said maybe a phone company had listed it on Google) it seems unfiar to charge us.

If anybody finds ANY route to contact somebody at Google to fix this – please post the info – be it phone number, email address or postal address.
Maps Guide Adam
Google Employee
Please note that we don’t offer telephone technical support for LBC listings or other issues in Google Maps. If anyone claims to be able to fix this issue, for a fee, please *DO NOT* pay them. They are not representatives of Google.

Now Adam’s answered was obviously correct but this definitely piqued my curiosity so I began the hunt and searching (where else?) on Google I came upon this incredibly (and unintentionally) ironic post; And we thought Microsoft was the Evil Empire? where author Pamela notes:

So, after time and time of looking through insulting, tedious, no-result in sight surveys, I decided to call (and yes, there’s no phone number available to the naked desiring eye) 1-800-555-1212. I got connected to: 1-888-882-7114. This number gladly shared through a recorded voice that Google was happy to help, they were open 24/7 and guess what? FOR ONLY $2.99 PER MINUTE (was this a 1-900 number?) I could TALK TO SOMEONE. I even got the first TWO minutes for no cost.

Wait. A. Second. You mean to tell me, that I have a problem, and you are willing – YOU GOOGLE – to help little old me for only $2.99 per minute? O.M.G. That is so generous of you. But how do I pay thee, so generous one?

So I called 1-800-555-1212 and TellMe (owned by Microsoft no less) answered: “Please say the name of the listing you want” in a pleasant computer voice. “Google” I said and TellMe responded that the “here’s the number for Google Technical Support 888-882-7114“.

I of course tried calling Google Technical Support. For $2.99 I was ready to pull out my credit card and see which problems they could solve. Unfortunately they were not in and my call was forwarded to 352-264-0014 and the mail box was full.

Dang and I thought I was so close to actually being able to call Google Tech Support….and what do I get? Microsoft’s Spam! Would someone please tell Microsoft that Google does not have technical support?

You have to love local.

Here is a recording of my call: Recording of Tellme Intereaction (mp3)

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Microsoft's TellMe Spams Google with Bogus Tech Support Number by

5 thoughts on “Microsoft’s TellMe Spams Google with Bogus Tech Support Number”

  1. Now that is ironic, funny, sad….all at the same time. Once the evil empire, is Microsoft now reduced to spamming the newest big kid on the block?


    Mike, If that had actually happened you could claim some credit for keeping up the fight on behalf of the masses…. and when asked about it, Google would probably respond….”Well we put the number up because that’s what Mike would TELL ME”.

    and then the charge …..oh…the shame of it all. How utterly spammy.

    Where is the good guy in this story?

  2. What a load of bunk… with the amount of money web marketers pay in adspend and promoting Google services, we should get a free hotline.

    Actually what they should do is for every $1000 in adspend you manage, you get 10 minutes per month of phone time.

  3. Wow that looks a bit strange to me. They are really trying to get money with promoting an non-existing Google Support number?! Did I understand that right?

    1. Yes, they realized that Google didn’t have 800 support, got a listing for “Google Technical Support” at the above number and charge $2.99 a minute to unsuspecting souls.

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