Google Maps Continues to Build Lead over Mapquest

According to , Google Maps continued to gain market share in the maps market as it grew somewhat faster clip during the past month. Both Google Maps and Mapquest saw increases in visitation, however, Google Maps grew at 13.5% rate over the previous month compared to Mapquest’s 10.8% growth.

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Google Maps Continues to Build Lead over Mapquest by

6 thoughts on “Google Maps Continues to Build Lead over Mapquest”

  1. I totally agree, I even sent an email off to Hitwise to take a look at that very thing to see if we could see a jump that was related to its roll out

    1. At the forward facing website level, which is as much about marketing as it is about technology, I don’t personally think so. But I am reading about the Wikipedia integration and its of interest. At the data level, where the need for mapping data has exploded they are more likely to play a significant role. What do you think?

  2. I don’t think that OSM/Wikipedia will be able (or even trying) to take over Google maps website traffic. But with more devices (probably mobile phones?) supporting OSM, in both directions (those devices can update the maps, which I think is a huge advantage for power users), it’ll spread quickly. And it will be important to be visible on these maps, for businesses.
    So I think once someone uses OSM on his/her device(s), they’ll start using it in their browsers as well.
    Will be interesting to watch.

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