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Google Maps has made a small change in the interface (thanks to ever observant LA Florist, Cathy Rulloda) removing the obvious links to toggle between Maps View (seen when entering via Maps link) and Text View (seen when entering via a Universal Local Result). The change, one of many since the August Blue Line role out, is one more step in simplifying the Maps interface and integrating the Maps and Business Listing views.

Screen shot from 3/23/09:


In the new view, one simply selects the expand or contract arrows to move from one view to the other.

Screen shot from 3/24/09:


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7 thoughts on “Google Maps Interface Tweak”

  1. @Miriam

    I have the same problem. When Cathy mentioned it, I couldn’t remember when the choices were last there…I discovered that I had left a screen up in my browser from yesterday so I did the article to document the change.

    Often I will wonder or someone will ask in 3 weeks what happened. By then I will have forgotten and I can go back and reference the article.

    It is interesting how many little things Google is pulling out of the Maps interface.

  2. Thanks for documenting this new feature.

    I just had a weird experience yesterday when Maps all the sudden switched to text view only for my browser saying that my FireFox didn’t support the regular version of Maps after I’d been using Maps just fine for a while.

    So, I had to download the same version of FireFox brwoser again to make it work again.

    I guess if someone is using a FireFox version that’s lower than 3, the user would only experience the text version, which emphasizes ranked listings than the location thumbnails on the area map. I doubt that there’s a good number of users who don’t update this free OS browser, but thought this is interesting enough to share with you.

    Thanks, Mike!

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