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Yahoo CEO says she prefers Google Maps to Yahoo Maps – Shane McGlaun, DailyTech.com

Bartz is looking at email as one of the anchors for Yahoo’s business and she says that she ordered ads to be stopped on the companies email service in countries with low bandwidth to provide a better user experience. She said that the ads were slowing down the service and frustrating users. Bartz also said that she prefers Google Maps to Yahoo Maps and thinks that Yahoo has paid little attention to the application.

Bartz’s future vision for Yahoo is to turn it into a portal that is continually visited by its users. She said, “I want the users to wake up in the morning, log into Yahoo, see what’s important, and I want them to do that before they go to bed at night. To do that, we owe them a fun experience, an easy experience, [and] a non-frustrating experience.”

Sheriff Impotent To Stop Craigslist Erotic Ads, Experts Say – Wendy Davis, MediaPost.com

Chicago sheriff Thomas Dart has sued listings site Craigslist for allegedly creating a public nuisance by facilitating prostitution. But Internet law experts say the court will almost certainly dismiss the case because federal law immunizes sites like Craigslist from lawsuits based on material posted by users.

Legislator moves to limit Google Maps because of terrorists – TheStandard.com

A California state legislator has submitted a bill that would limit the amount of detail allowed in images available from applications like Google Maps and Google Earth, contending that terrorists are using such online tools to plot attacks.

Speaking of impotence. This definitely falls into that category. If California legislators are looking to protect their citizens from Maps, they might start by looking at the locksmith scams or the floral hijackings.

Why I Sued Google (and Won) – Aaron Greenspan, HuffingtonPost.com

On January 15, 2009, I walked over to the Santa Clara County courthouse in Palo Alto, which conveniently fell within the same county lines as Google’s home of Mountain View, and filed a civil small claims lawsuit for $721.00–the amount Google owed Think when it disabled the account–using form SC-100. For a total of $40.00 in court fees, I arranged for Google, Inc. to be served by certified mail. The hearing was scheduled for March 2, 2009.

Since lawyers are not permitted in small claims court, Google instead sent Stephanie Milani, a Litigation Paralegal. During the short last-ditch-resolution period before the hearings on the afternoon schedule began, Ms. Milani argued that I must have done something wrong to deserve my fate. When I asked her what, she didn’t know. The AdSense engineers had not told her.

“Google can terminate your account for any reason,” she told me.

“Not any reason,” I said. “Not because I have blue eyes. Or brown eyes.” After being told to quiet down by the courtroom guard, we decided that we had reached an impasse, exchanged documents, and went back into the court room.

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