Loci 2008 – Martijn Beijk’s The year in Local Search 2008

Martijn has a background in the semantic and contextual webs and he brings that expertise to Local Search with a European perspective. Martijn is currently living in the Netherlands where he focuses on research and optimization at Onetomarket, a leading online marketing agency covering most of European markets. He writes at his blog, Local Search Optimization and makes “guest appearances” Stateside.


The local search ranking factors, clearly one of the most extensive works I’ve seen in Local Search with many authorative voices on this topic, mad props for David!

Cracking the code. I was lucky to see the presentation before SMX and was impressed.

I wasn’t there and this made me feel like I was!

well, my own 😉  no guide so far around, It got good positive feedback from all around the web and clearly Google likes KML so why not use it in your Local SEO efforts?

Tele atlas data change, and into extent all the topics afterwards about possible improvements to Google maps because of this deal apply as well.

fun fun fun (shake em up ! )

good 10-list, but 27th of december Don Campbell released a good one as well, its all about the basics:

Questions raised, Questions answered

Made me think about print vs online for yellow pages

Short and basic, what are the main differences between US and Europe Local Search and why this changes your approach to optimization.

#11 best google maps joke:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Loci 2008 - Martijn Beijk's The year in Local Search 2008 by

4 thoughts on “Loci 2008 – Martijn Beijk’s The year in Local Search 2008”

  1. It seems pretty clear that the Mihm & Blumenthal efforts have been at the top of the list for nearly all of us. Woo hoo!

    Martijn, thank you for the kind mention of my article. I’m glad we ‘met’ this year.

    I’m enjoying these posts, Mike.


  2. @Don

    as mentioned on your blog earlier, you, Mike and some others were the reason to get me blogging in the first place! Whenever you are ‘around’ (in Europe.) let me know!

    And thanks to Mike for these wonderful series and asking me to collaborate on this one!

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