Google Maps Support Groups Switching to New Platform

Google rolled out a new forum platform in early November with the intention of moving their support groups over to it. They have just announced the pending move of the Google Maps Help Group to the new environment. The Google Mobile Group moved to the new platform at the end of November. Here is the announcement from Maps Guide Adam:

Howdy folks,

We’re in the final stages of moving the Maps Help Group from Google Groups to a new platform that offers a number of features our users have requested. The Google Maps Help Group will be closed to posting once we’ve made the switch, but will still be available as an archive of all the great information you’ve shared.

Some of the features the new forum will provide:

– Question & answer format to help you find answers quickly – Public recognition of Top Contributors and frequent posters – Better spam detection and prevention

I’ll make sure to post another announcement as soon as the new forum launches, but wanted to give you all a heads up so that the change doesn’t take you completely by surprise.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we work to build a community in the new Google Maps Help Forum. We hope you’ll come visit and post often!

Maps Guide Adam

It was noted in November that the new forum  features include:

  • improved search results, including posts from current and new forums
  • the ability to designate especially helpful forum members as “Top Contributors”
  • a reputation and ranking system
  • the ability for users, Top Contributors and Googlers to mark questions as answered
  • easier access to Help Center content
  • expanded user profiles that highlight your forum activity
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