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Steve Espinosa, the world’s biggest Chicago White Sox fan, local search expert and a frequent speaker on Local at the many conferences, has just rolled out a new local search site called Local Search News. It will be an everything local site with both tactical and strategic information on Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Local SEO, Mobile and Local Search.

It looks to become a staple in the world of Local Search.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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7 thoughts on “New Local Search News Site”

  1. Congratulations to Steve, Andrew, Greg, Mike et al on the new site. I’m excited about that! I like the little bird. Is that the bluebird of happiness, per chance?

    Mike, I’ve been so out of the loop. We’ve been having major problems with our well and have been staying in a hotel. Not fun. Back at the office now and trying to catch up. Thanks for all of the blogging.


  2. Dang, when it rains it pours….I guess in the scheme of things a sick house is better than a sick person but none of it sounds fun….glad to hear your voice.


  3. Thanks for the tip on the new local search site. I am trying to find as many as I can… I have a new theory about the relationship between YouTube video and local search listings and I want to find out what people are thinking.. .Cheers –

  4. Steve’s tips are always right on – and now he’s bringing together all the experts in one place. This will be a great site to watch in the Local Search space!

  5. I found this site good, but not good enough. It is my personal view, and it may change after some time. Now a days, localized search is the thing, most of the people want. Lets see how it is going to help,small internet business owners help.

  6. Great site with terrific authors. I salivated over the data on measuring organic results against 10 pack results. Mike we have been struggling with that one for a long time.

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