LoadedWeb.com Provides geo based blogging directory

For those of you that are suggesting hyperlocal blogging as a marketing strategy in the coming year, there is a new blog directory that tracks blogs by their location – LoadedWeb.com

The directory has over 1000 location based entries in over 500 cities with plans for expansion into the UK, Australia and New Zealand shortly and western Europe in January. There is clearly demand for geographic view of the world’s blogs

Here are some details from on their linking policy:

We have updated our Linking Policy: http://www.loadedweb.com/linking-policy.php. We are the first blog directory that uses dofollow. Provided you link back to LoadedWeb.com, we link to your blog and also your blog posts. As stated before, these blog posts appear on the state/province page, city page, tag pages, and on your own blog listing. The blog posts links are targeted as they use your post title. You can get linking HTML from here: http://www.loadedweb.com/linktous.php

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
LoadedWeb.com Provides geo based blogging directory by

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