The Cat that almost stole Christmas

In my never ending quest to ferret out interesting tidbits about Local Search, I receive a number of Google alerts. Their news algo is pretty good and turns up a number of things that I would otherwise miss and my life would be the poorer for. Occasionally it will turn up news stories that are outside my specific query but have some interest none the less. Here is one recent example: 
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Owner: Bobcat that clawed Santa Claus rabies-free
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
AP An exotic cat that drew blood after biting a volunteer Santa Claus at a charity event in
Atlantic County has been vaccinated.
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It noted in the story that “the man playing the jolly elf said the cat named “Benny” appeared terrified because dogs were nearby at the Santa Paws photo event for an animal-rescue group in Hamilton Township.”

I am happy to report that Santa Claus IS NOT going to die due to Rabies and he will be making his appointed rounds albeit with a bandage on his arm and he may need some extra help.

Now what was that bobcat doing at a charity event? And why are rescued dogs being used in a publicity stunt? Weird times.

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3 thoughts on “The Cat that almost stole Christmas”

  1. That certainly goes in the weird news file, Mike!

    I echo your question…whose idea was it to have a bobcat at a Santa Claus event? What happened to reindeer?

    Speaking of Santa Claus, I’m very excited because a book I’m reading about Lapland began talking about Joulupukki…the Finnish Santa Claus whom all letters to Santa outside Europe are sent to. I had run into Joulupukki a few years ago while writing an article, and I was very interested to read more details about him and the Christmas town where he lives. As many as 4000 people a day visit it during the holiday season.

    So, in the spirit of Santa Claus and reindeer (but not bobcats), here is Joulupukki:


  2. The bobcat was there because its owner wanted a photo of it with Santa. Same with the dogs. It was a fund-raiser for the animal rescue group. Our local Santa Paws set-up has occasionally had horses brought in – but no reindeer as far as I know.

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