Google Maps GeoCoding Conundrum

Forget for a moment that Google has managed to list this business three times. For me the question is: How did Google Maps manage to place these three listings of the same business, with ostensibly the same address at three different map locations?

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Google Maps GeoCoding Conundrum by

3 thoughts on “Google Maps GeoCoding Conundrum”

  1. Well I was hoping that someone with more geocoding cred than I might shed some light on this particular oddity. Is it a google goof or is it related to TeleAtlas? Is it a problem with the suite designation?

    I mean the geocoding software knows that all the listings are on Highway 41…and it seems knows that the number is 35285….why would they think any two of them were not in the same place? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    Why wasn’t Google’s clustering algo able to identify these as the same business? It certainly points out why a person listing their business across the internet has to be meticulous about the details, no?


  2. I have seen instances like this with 2 identical listings being put in 2 varied locations, but never 3. I saw one the other day that located a business in the middle of a lake! And, about 3 miles away, was the actual business location. Weird.


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