Google fixing lost “saved locations” problem in Maps

There have been numerous reports in the Google Maps Troubleshooting Group over the past few days of missing locations in Maps. Here’s Sparky description the problem:

I’m an avid user of Google Maps, and have between 50 and 100 saved locations, that auto-complete when I type in the search box, in addition to being able to edit them using the arrow link to the right of the search box. 

As late as last Friday the 7th of November, I was using my saved locations to get directions, etc.  This evening, I clicked a “Map This” link from GMail to add another saved location, and it was the only one present in the list.  I was using Firefox 3 at the time, and have since closed out, and signed back in, both with Firefox 3 and IE 6, but much to my dismay, the only location available is the one that I just clicked on from the e-mail.  My default location is no longer set, and none of the old ones appear, even when using the “Edit Saved Locations” link by the search box. Also, the “Save locations automatically” box is still, and always has been, checked for me. 

Google has acknowledged the problem and promised a fix in an email sent this morning by Maps Guide Mike:

We’re currently fixing a problem that has caused some people to lose
access to their saved locations (addressbook) data. The data should be
accessible again shortly – our sincere apologies for this outage.

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5 thoughts on “Google fixing lost “saved locations” problem in Maps”

  1. Google seems to be having problems lately… I’ve heard of numerous reports and have read numerous reports about hijacked AdWords accounts and now this? I hope this is nothing big because I use Google evryday and I wouldn’t want it to go away…

  2. My sense is that the hijackings in AdWords are due to folks giving out their passwords in response to phishing attacks. Not much Google can do about those.

    This particular announcement of a bug is of interest because Google accepted responsibility and publicly acknowledged the issue. The ones that concern me are the bugs and security issues that Google ignores.

    I doubt though that the many quirks and “features” in Maps that are less than optimal would lead to Google going away. At least not anytime soon.


  3. We are having a problem with Google maps on our web site. My wife and I are host site directors for Angel Food Ministries at our church, Abundant Grace Community Church in Edinburg, Texas. 78539. When you go to the site, to look for a local site and type in 78504, McAllen Texas, only 5 miles away our church doesn’t show up. If you type in 78539 you not only will get our church but several churches in the Houston area 300 miles away even if you have to locate in a 10 mile radius. This needs to be resolved. people are missing out on a opportunity to receive food at a discounted price.

    Kirk Engel

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