Google Maps API Terms of Service Update

The blog has a good piece on the new Google Maps API Terms of Service agreement:

Basically its laid out pretty clearly (see section 11.1) that if you use the API to display *your* data, then you grant Google a irrevocable licence to do as it sees fit with your data. 

Sure it says “You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Your Content. ” – first, to soften the blow, but then goes on to say “[to] publicly perform, publicly display and distribute Your Content. ” – I dont see how that is any different to saying they can do what they like with your data. 

It gets worse if you have “business listings data”, as 11.1(b) says: “For example, if you create a store locator application, Google may use the business listings information from the store locator to improve the Google Services such as Google Maps and local search.
– give your data away free to Google why don’t you!

Here is Ed Parson’s (Google Geospatial expert) take on the new TOS.

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3 thoughts on “Google Maps API Terms of Service Update”

  1. Hmmm that opens up interesting questions and problems doesn’t it. Although doesn’t the API currently require that it be on a publicly visible website already?


  2. It does. But not when you use the Premier API which will cost you some money.

    I know Google has a program where NGOs and NFPO’s have some special rights of free advertisements. Maybe it is possible go get free Premier licenses as well for support groups.

    on the other hand, I don’t get the stir. ‘to improve the Google services such as maps and local search’ , isn’t that what we all want?

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