Google Maps: Long Term LBC problem fixed promptly

For those of you that didn’t notice, Maps Guide Jen has noted in the comments on my Local Business Center System Errors post:

Looks like the team was able to get a fix through faster than expected. Most people who were experiencing this error should find that it’s resolved. There may be some people who are still seeing a server error. Those people should file a reinclusion request for their account.

It is great that Google has fixed the problem and that there is a mechanism to report a lingering problem in a structured format.

It is strange, however, that if a business is still experiencing the problem that they would need to notify Google of the fact that their account if broken via the reinclusion form. 

By submitting this request, I acknowledge that:
  • I have read and understand Google’s business listing quality guidelines.
  • My business listings do not violate Google’s business listing quality guidelines.
  • I agree to abide by Google’s business listing quality guidelines in the future.
Details: Tell us more about your business:    

  • What actions might have led to any penalties?
  • What corrective actions have been taken?

One has to wonder exactly why they were being called down to the principal’s office. Did he really notice that little transgression from last month in math class? Man, my mom’s gonna kill me.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps: Long Term LBC problem fixed promptly by

7 thoughts on “Google Maps: Long Term LBC problem fixed promptly”

  1. Well like they always say … The best defense is a good offense. And shame on you for getting kicked outta the LBC in the first place… *rolls eyes*

  2. The issues might not be over… I just logged into the LBC’s that I was unble to yesterday prior to the fix. I all the listings are disapproved. One reason we figured out – the attribute is not under 170 characters even though Google allows 200. It goes into cardiac arrest at about 175 characters totally passes out at 186 and does a wonderful death scene in Carmen if you even try the 200 max.

    it also it telling me that there is no such state/province in this country. So apparently OHIO has succeeded from the Republic of the United States of America. Go figure.. CNN missed that coverage.

  3. the description field also dies instantly when you forget about spacing and try to cramp as much characters in there as you can.
    It tells you it detected a URL ( based on the multiple dots text.text.text. ). What kind of failsafe is that? My teacher in C++ classes would kill me for such kind of exception handling.

  4. Hey no worries. Glad you were able to sort it out. Pretty soon the length with be 100 characters including spaces & by that point.. well what’s the point.

    We’ve also noted that if you have multiple “additional details” that are “long” i.e. 160 + characters you can only have about 3 or 4 max before Google won’t let you submit the listing. If you have smaller additonal details – i.e. 75 characters or less. you can upload roughly 5 of them.


    Go figure.

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