Google Blogsearch good for hyperlocal blogging?

Google, in upgrading Google Blog search, has created an intriguing potential competitor to Techmeme. The upgraded search provides broad blog coverage, picks up stories quickly and has the potential to project blog content more widely. ReadWriteWeb noted:

The new Google Blogsearch has the potential to reach tens of millions of people and drive insane amounts of traffic.

Google Blog Search

Whether that is true for local blogs is yet to be seen. There is however a feature that highlights blog by major search terms. This could have an a positive traffic impact for hyperlocal blogs as it emphasizes blogs related to primary geo search phrases:

Geo Blog search

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Google Blogsearch good for hyperlocal blogging? by

4 thoughts on “Google Blogsearch good for hyperlocal blogging?”

  1. Mike: I’ve been using that with regard to a local oriented blog.

    It can work if people want to look that way. Maybe it’ll work, maybe not. The interest has to be there by potential visitors. I’ll be working it and testing and continuously posting on a local oriented blog. I hope to report on more of this over time.


  2. It certainly has potential. Whether it delivers traffic is another story.

    It seems that the formal Blog title caries a lot of weight in creating relevance in being listed.

    Keep me posted.


  3. @Martijn

    That it is! the whole thing is pretty far away from the main search page. Maps at least has a button on the page. The Blog info doesn’t, not even a dropdown…

    Also its interface and the top level is totally different than the interface after a search with no way to move back to or integrate the top level view once a search has been done.

    If the new interface engages enough people, then the search function provides the blog listings to fulfill “longer tail” result if a viewer isn’t satisfied with the depth or range of the main categories.

    I would love to look at the stats.


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