Google Maps Hijacking: Listings still in Maps

Mapspam 10 Pack Listing
Earlier today when I had read that Podesta Baldocchi Florist’s listing had returned to normal in the Local 10 Pack, I had assumed that Google had cleaned up the mess and removed the offending listings from Maps.

Not so fast pardner! It seems two weeks isn’t quite long enough to purge these fellows. A number of listings are still in the index from the hijacking entity. They still show as well on the Local 10 Pack on the search Flowers Brooklyn NY. Amazing the difficulty that Google has in purging the database of listings engaged in apparently criminal activity. If this activity doesn’t warrant a full and complete ban from Maps, I don’t know what does.

Brooklyn florist Mapspam

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7 thoughts on “Google Maps Hijacking: Listings still in Maps”

  1. At least we are seeing real efforts on the part of Google to rectify this one, Mike. I’m betting on those listings disappearing, hopefully sooner than later. The jig is up.

    You’ve done an excellent job reporting on this. I think the business owners should give you a little certificate: Mike Blumenthal – Friend of Florists!


  2. Yes there is progress, that is true.

    But from my perspective this is like a scenario where Google has the keys to your shop, they agree to watch over it for the afternoon. On their coffee break they stepped out and forgot to lock the door. During that time, a thief broke in, stole some flowers and left his calling card taped to the door.

    Google, returned for the afternoon after coffee and upon closing, forgot to alert you to the theft and they left the thief’s calling card where he left it, covering your sign on the door.

    Google gets no pass on this one.

    Under full disclosure, I must admit that one of the florists told me that I get a free bouquet sent anywhere in the world for my efforts. 🙂 I will use it to send some flowers to my wife, next time she out of town.


  3. Mike, it’s been weeks and Google hasn’t done a thing. I finally figured it out, how they do it…its pathetically easy and I don’t think it would be very difficult to close the hole. I have notified Google twice and nothing has happened.
    Do a search for Locksmith Brooklyn, not on Google maps but on the web section. Every listing that appears above the organics is corrupt I’ve been watching for months. The locksmith I worked for…we don’t even bother posting anymore as as soon as we do the listing is hijacked.
    I cannot believe a Company like Google is letting this happen, further more I don’t understand how Google engineers thought the process was ok to start with.
    I emailed you please take me up on my offer…

  4. Robert

    I am an empirical kind of guy…I would love to see how this is happening. I have forwarded you my test case.

    I know how the unclaimed listings are hijacked, I believe that bulk uploads are open to the same sort of threat. I have yet to see any proof of that an LBC verified listing can be hijacked.

    Am anxiously awaiting your hijacking.


  5. It surprises me that Google is doing anything even with the legal aspects they face. Do you think this problem will continue or be fixed?
    Makes you wonder.

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