Make ’em walk the plank, matey

In honor o’ Pirate’s Day, the ever snarly, gnarly uber pirate, Maps Guide Jen is publicly making someone walk the banishment plank over in groups. She gave the fellow until sun up on Monday to comply:

TOPIC: where is my listing please???????????????????????

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Date: Fri, Sep 19 2008 4:21 pm
From: Maps Guide Jen

Hi smartie81,

Your listings are showing up, but you also have 4 separate listings with lots of keyword spam. This is strictly not allowed under these guidelines which you should check out:

Normally we’d remove your listings immediately, but it is Friday. Please make every effort to suppress your “extra” listings over the weekend.


On Sep 8, 4:14 pm, smartie81 wrote:
My listing is not showing… I go to google and put in my postcode, nothing I put in my business name nothing.

Please can anyone tell me why and what I have done wrong, this is it below

Permanent Makeup Essex Heidi Worman
United Kingdom

Three hoozahs! Now if some equally gnarly coder over at Google would just catch this on the front end so Maps Guide Jen can take off her pirate patch.

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