Google Maps to provide complete voter information for upcoming election

Google Vote LogoGoogle has often made their technology available to encourage and support voting. In that vein, it seems likely that Google Maps will soon provide a new Google created mapplet with comprehensive voter information.

The site, currently visible at the url:, will provide voting location, registration information and more. Apparently the data set is not yet loaded as the site notes: All voting location information will be available by mid-October. Until then, please check with your state or local election officials to verify your voting location.

It is likely that this project started out as a Google 20% project but given the finished look and feel has obviously become fully supported. Being able to generate a driving map for each potential voter to every polling place offers incredible benefit to every “get out the vote” organization particularly smaller ones that might not have the resources to gather this information. Rolling this out on a national scale is an intriguing example of deep local data collection and how that information can possibly affect outcomes on a larger stage. It points to a time when having in-depth local data will fundamentally change the way that the web is used.

On another, possibly related note, a reader pointed out the domain that sports the Google Vote logo aboveGoogle Voter Mapplet.

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Google Maps to provide complete voter information for upcoming election by

16 thoughts on “Google Maps to provide complete voter information for upcoming election”

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  2. Hi Pali

    Yes the US voting rate is abysmal. At best any candidate receives a plurality of the vote of US voting adults…If he/she “wins” with 45% of the vote, they will only have received affirmation from 22% of the population. Hardly majority rules is it?


    PS thanks for the link

  3. @Robert

    I would say they are free if your business listing isn’t hijacked or you have to spend endless hours getting a problem squared away because they have no human support….and it is fantastic most of the time and this voter tool is certainly one example but it can be less so if a hijacker has your record or a spammer hit your reviews…


  4. It’s exciting to see that Google has stepped in to provide this info and hopefully bring a few more people out to vote. .

    It’s also sad that the government has become so partisan or dysfunctional that it can’t organize this itself. Really, a state or national website with all the addresses, polling locations, and verifications about whether you’re registered or not is not a whole lot to ask.

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