Google Maps now using TeleAtlas data exclusively

Google Maps has now switched their map data provision completely over to TeleAtlas from Navteq. Now the google Maps, the Google API and the Google Maps for Mobile all use the same underlying data. This switch was only a matter of time given Nokia aquisition of Navteq. Here is the announcement from Google’s Maps Guide Adam:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you a heads up that Google Maps recently made some changes to the map data. Specifically, we have moved Google Maps over to use the same map data from Tele Atlas that is currently used by both the Google Maps API and Google Maps for Mobile. While most of the map will look the same, and in many areas it will improve, there may also be some cases where the data may not be optimal. In those cases, we encourage you to use one of the following options to helpimprove our maps:

-Community Edits

If you notice an error, feel free to correct it yourself by clicking on the “Edit” link in the information bubble that appears for alocation. For more information, check out this Maps Help Center page:

-Report the error directly to TeleAtlas

You can notify our map provider directly using the following link:

And as always, to view a one-stop-shop for reporting all types of Map errors, please visit

Maps Guide Adam

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps now using TeleAtlas data exclusively by

16 thoughts on “Google Maps now using TeleAtlas data exclusively”

  1. I wonder if that means changing centroids? The centroids for Yahoo and Google are different for different cities. AFAIK, there is no fixed centroid for a municipal location by definition.

    That could shake up maps rankings, and in some cases, considerably.

  2. Great question! Not sure I know and it will be interesting to see.

    In reading a Maps patent it strikes me that the list of zipcodes that Google includes in a given geo phrase like washington has more to do with the centroid calculation…so the question is if those zip codes come from Google or from their Map provider.

    Also given Google’s lower reliance on distance as opposed to Location Prominence Score it might not have that much impact.


  3. The location returned when you ask for a city in the USA or Canada with is now exactly the same as the location that you get with Google Maps API. That wasn’t the case before the provider switch.

    Also the route returned by “get directions” is now the same as that which was previously returned by the API.

    It would make sense for all the geographical information to have been switched, so yes, a search for [business] near [city] would start searching from the TeleAtlas location for that city.

  4. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the insight. It will be of interest to see how this affects ranking> I am not sure though that there is good pre and post data to compare against but if any body has any example I would love to hear about them.


  5. It doesn’t really seem to matter which map provider google use, they still can’t plot a decent route through London, UK.

    try this one to see what I mean.

    Grange Road, SE1 to Stamford Street, SE1.

    now try the same route using google’s walk option; this is the route that should also be doen by car. but instead this useless routing software goes around in a huge arc around the direct route.

  6. Hi eric

    Yea if the underlying data is bad or missing, Google’s route is going to not be worth anything.

    One hopes that over time and with more user dmands and inputs this data will improve and thus so will Map’s ability to provided meaningful instructions.

    Is there a mapping service in London doing a better job?


  7. I just downloaded the mobile application of google maps onto my blackberry – nice! Can you easily re-route as you can on the website version of google maps by clicking and dragging the current route to the desired location?

    Thanks in advance for you tips!

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