Urbanspoon on the iPhone Heatmap

Urbanspoon’s iPhone application is a fun, engaging app that uses the features of the iPhone and location awareness to create a unique local discovery experience.

They are now showing a heatmap (thanks to High Earth Orbit) showing where the shakes have been taking place for the last 24 hours:

According to Urbanspoon:
6,000,000 shakes
300,000 iPhones have downloaded the application
1,000 shakes a minute at peak
20 shakes per iPhone
10 days so far

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Urbanspoon on the iPhone Heatmap by

4 thoughts on “Urbanspoon on the iPhone Heatmap”

  1. woah and this is just the start of these applications. I’ve seen a couple cool ones already. can’t wait to get a iphone myselves as well.
    I’m not sure, but i think this system uses the same device in the iphone for some cool graphical visualisations.
    http://www.vimeo.com/1496857 this one links directly to the video.

  2. @Martin

    Ubranspoon has done a great job capturing a fun side of location awareness, the accelerometer & local while gathering some incredible stats about their users!


  3. The whole shake and scroll UI on the iPhone/UrbanSpoon, etc. is just brilliant UI design. That said UrbanSpoon has no listings for Pleasanton, CA. When are they going to launch SubUrbanSpoon?

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