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Location-based services now hotter than hot? – Martijn Beijk,  martijnbeijk.com

Location-based services are hot. Now hotter than before. Because Google just launched their Geolocation API. What does this mean in general for software or services we are going to see?

Well imagine opening up your browser or software application on your mobile phone or laptop and do a search for restaurants. No need to fill in where you are, the software will determine this using the geolocation API.

Visualizing Restaurant Searching - Andrew Turner, highearthorbit.com

Context mining of mobile devices, combined with geographic location – and especially via inferred geographic information instead of directly volunteered information can yield interesting trends on ambient behaviors. Imagine if UrbanSpoon could also collect the number of people in the group by detecting other repeatedly seen nearby bluetooth/wifi devices, previous meals of the day, and the ultimate destination and distance to the chosen restaurant.

2008 SEOmoz Expert Seminar Recap – David Mihm


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