Google Insights? I’ll say…

I had just finished reading this disturbing speculative piece on possible federal legislation referred to as the i-Patriot Act when I bounced over to the NY Times for my cheerful morning read and noticed the photo inร‚ย this article about Google’s new Insight Tool….

I had been a little disappointed that Google had not included me in their pre-briefing on the new product. After looking at the photo, I can say that I was relieved that I had not been invited as I am not wont to wear a tie. Although one has to wonder when the head of the FBI and Justice Department started running Google’s product announcements. I guess on second thought they wouldn’t have let me in anyways.

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Google Insights? I'll say... by

5 thoughts on “Google Insights? I’ll say…”

  1. I think Tommy Lee Jones could play the one on the left and Will Smith the one on the right in the “Google is giving everyone a chance to peek deeper” story when it comes to the screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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