Google Maps: Earthlink Mapspam making a comeback

Update 7/10/08: Google has now removed the Earthlink listings. As of 6:29 pm EST, the Australian Locksmith Mapspam in still in place.

Update 7/10/08:As of 10:00 EST the Australian Locksmith Mapspam has been removed.

In early May, reported that there was widespread mapspsam from Earthlink in Google Maps. Maps Guide Jen noted on his blog that it had been a bulk upload abuse and that the listings had been removed.

They are now back and in large volume. On the search Business Internet DSL San Leandro Ca it dominated the listing:

In exploring Maps it appears that there are over 3000 listings nationwide with a listing for every central switching office in the US where they have a DSlam:

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7 thoughts on “Google Maps: Earthlink Mapspam making a comeback”

  1. Mike:

    It is interesting to note that Earthlink is a Google partner. I note that non Google partners who were removed from Maps are not allowed back in “for the foreseeable future”

    But Earthlink was not only not banned, it was free to continue Map Spamming. This is an glaring example of the appearance of favoritism that I was trying to point out previously to Matt Cutts.

    Your idea of rules that are clear and fair that still do no exist, such as what is Mapspam, what isn’t, and what the penalties are and rules for re-inclusion are, would go a long way to eliminate the appearance of impropriety.

    My two cents.

  2. Hey Mike just curious to know whats the difference between this earthlink stuff and the screen shots I sent you awhile back regarding Public Storage in big city areas.

    Erik Miller

  3. Hi Erik

    Good question. The storage places actually had legitimate places of business at those addresses…in the case of Earthlink they are using the central phone company offices as their address where they in actuality only have a piece of equipment and no real presence at that site.

    Although in the end, my opinion is irrelevant as to whether it is spam…it is Google’s opinion AND action that matters. If they pull it down, we will know if it spam by their definition.


  4. The problem is that some sites get banned from the maps index and others don’t. So that is pretty absurd that you lose years of work and data mashing because you copy a Google partner who Mapspams, for example, thinking since they weren’t removed it’s ok. Or for example look at these law firms who are submitting multiple listings for the same address by using multiple url’s with different phone numbers, and fake business names. They were not removed from the maps index, so that makes me think it is ok.

  5. @Panzermike

    I think EVERYONE understands your thinking on this by now. Google will do what Google will do. That is a reality that you have no control over.


  6. @Mike B:

    I hear ya bro.

    But when you say you will know what mapspam is when Google removes it, does not take into account that Google apparently judges mapspam by “who” is doing it, and not based upon what it really is.

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