Google Maps: Interview with Carter Maslan

At the end of last week, after the upgrade and bug fixes to the LBC were mostly finished, Carter Maslan, Product Manager for Google Maps, took time to speak with me about the upgrade. You may read the full interview at SearchEngineland.

His main points:
• The upgrade was intended to improve the UI to faciliate flow through the data entry process
• They do read the Groups messages and the Local Blogs but did not have time to respond the many reports as they were trying to get the upgrade out the door and finished
• There will be a European version once the kinks are worked out of the US/Canada/Australian version and localization is finished
• There will be some sort of trusted status going forward for higher volume, trusted LBC users.
• Coupons will continue to languish

Read the whole interview here: Carter Maslan On Google’s Local Business Center Upgrade

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Google Maps: Interview with Carter Maslan by

2 thoughts on “Google Maps: Interview with Carter Maslan”

  1. Nice interview Mike:

    I liked Mr Maslin’s use of the word “discoverability” with regard to coupons. Having run an attractive dollar value coupon on one business site for a while, and having ample traffic on keyword phrases that generate maps in organic search, let alone the visitors that initiated searches directly through maps……I can assure you…..that NOBODY discovered the coupon.

    Improving discoverability is a worthwhile goal, IMV. 😀


  2. I was not all that heartened by his suggestions for disoverability. I suppose they are “better than a fish” but as long as the Google Serps are the main entrance point to Maps, they will only be discoverable by being included in the OneBox…if they remain 2 -4 clicks away from the main landing page they will be hard to find and remain under utilized

    I am hoping that as we shift to more mobile platforms and Mobile Maps becomes the standard interface for interacting with the business listing data AND the Mobile Maps interface becomes richer, that coupons may yet take on a full and happy life.


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