Maps getting squared away – bit by bit…

Google has been fixing many of the broken bits in Maps and responding positively to user input in the Maps Groups (thanks to Martijn for the alert).

One problem with the recent update was the inability to move a map marker after the LBC record had been updated. Today Maps Guide Jen noted:

Thanks for this feedback. We didn’t think that the “edit incorrect marker
location” might still be necessary after verification, but you’ve given us
some clear evidence that it is. We’ll be adding this capability back in.

I previously noted that the Coupon issue had been fixed.

What are your experiences with other recently broken features?
• What features have been fixed that were broken by the new update?
• What is still broken?
• What should have been fixed in the LBC that doesn’t appear to have been?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Maps getting squared away - bit by bit... by

3 thoughts on “Maps getting squared away – bit by bit…”

  1. Mike, as of two days ago, I was still unable to upload images for my clients. Whenever I tried, not only did it not upload the images, but it overwrote the changes I had made to my clients’ address information (they’re moving offices).

    I know you pointed this out in an earlier blog post this week but I thought I would contribute that.

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