Google Maps Local Business Center Upgrade: Bulk Upload MIA

The recent upgrade to the Local Business Center has appeared in Australia and Canada as well as the US. It still is not visible in Europe. 

There were several changes that I noted on Friday that seem to be spam prevention mechanisms. One I missed though and of more import is that the bulk upload option is missing in action. As Joan van Hilten from Canada noted: 

Hi – this certainly has a huge impact on doing mass uploads. It’s going to be a mass headache. I was trying to do a bulk upload and kept hitting this single entry snag. I really thought I had lost the plot ! I was singing my ” I hate Google Song” ( it keeps me from wanting to send a 4 letter feed back to Google)

Does anyone have any idea if they will be restoring the bulk upload ability? Do they honestly think a CMR or any company with mulitple locations will be doing individual entry?

I think I’m going to be very busy for a very long time.

The work around according Martijn Beijk is to “change the &gl parameter and/or domain to a european one, you can keep the hl in your prefered language“.

That kludge apparently is working but raises the bigger question, along with the tightening up of the PIN requirements, of how Google will handle legitimate, mid and large volume users of the LBC. 

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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5 thoughts on “Google Maps Local Business Center Upgrade: Bulk Upload MIA”

  1. Hi Folks

    So far it seems that the upload has worked. Google is processing the bulk listings. So with any luck in another 8 weeks I should see my listing live (again)

    And just another point – slightly off topic – the LBC seems to have a capacity issue, over 410 listings and things start dropping off. Not just one or two, but entire bulk uploads.

    I feel like saying ” See Google isn’t ROUND – sail too far to the edge and you’ll fall off into the abyss.” Most days I feel like I’m tettering on the precipice of the Google abyss.


    Or has anyone heard of another instance of Google “losing” listings.

  2. I claimed my site on google maps using the local business center and verified via mail. Entered my PIN, made my updates, and then now I go back to the business center and my verification is gone. Now I have to verify again. Anyone have issues with the verification dissapearing from their account after you enter your PIN?

  3. David

    I have not hear of this happening but Maps is sometimes unpredictable. I would 1)check Maps and see if your listing is there and intact. do this by searching on your business name in quotes + your city 2)If there is only one, and the record looks good, go ahead and reverify. 3) If there is more than one record, claim those as well.

    I can envision several scenarios where Google might want to reverify a business but I have not heard of it happening.


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