More cases of Massive Mapspam in Maps

Update 6/6/08: This spam has been removed. Also on Maps Guide Jen noted about the similar Earthlink Spam:

This particular case was added through a bulk feed in our Local Business Center. We’re actively working to implement some processes that will prevent these types of spam from displaying in Google Maps.

map spam

A recent posting in the Google Maps for Business Group has led to uncovering of another case of widespread mapspam very similar to the Big Local and Earthlink reported earlier and covered here.

This review of the company says it all: This company is listing my address because I sometimes do work for them. You will get better price and service by going to me directly. David Ringwald‎

The structure and probably the vector of this spam are identical to both EarthLink and Big Local. It doesn’t appear to have been bulk uploaded as their is no indication of business owner control. A number of the listings have a street address but not building number and are represented with the circular indicator instead of the pin. 

This search on the phrase ComputerAssistant returns 2,495 listings within Maps with listings for every independent contractor that has worked for them previously.

Google has removed the previously reported Mapspam from Earthlink and Big Local. But all of these efforts speak to the idea of showing service area that Carter Maslan spoke of in the interview last week with Greg Sterling last week where he noted: We currently don’t allow for service areas, but we recognize that many businesses don’t have physical locations and are working to accommodate those businesses.

If anyone has a suggestion as to how these listings entered maps I would love to hear them.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
More cases of Massive Mapspam in Maps by

5 thoughts on “More cases of Massive Mapspam in Maps”

  1. For crying out loud. That’s really some spam!

    I have no idea how they’ve gotten away with this. The identical phone numbers ought to be triggering a big red flag for Google. In fact, I’d say that would be the best signal Google could use for weeding out mapspam, perhaps.

    Sounds like the computer guys are getting rather annoyed by this, too, from a glance at the conversation going on.

    I’m guessing we’ll see this disappear rather quickly now that you’ve posted this, Mike. Quite a catch!

  2. Hi Miriam

    I agree with you that the listings are suspicious and one wonders why they were caught algorythmically. But I have this sinking feeling that when you and I are old and gray that we will be having this same conversation.


  3. not massive mapspam, but spam is appearing now in europe as well! multiple business listings on one address of the same company, just using different descriptions and titles for their services provided.
    I covered my research in the following blogpost you can find here.

  4. @ miriam

    Yeah but many businesses have multiple phone numbers. Several law firms are still dominating Maps in Los Angeles by a combination of 301 redirects, false names, different phone numbers and url’s.

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