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IPhone’s Hold on Users Not Exclusive – ALEX MINDLIN, NY Times

Nearly half of iPhone users changed carriers in order to use the device, according to a survey by Rubicon Consulting…. The survey also found that 36 percent of iPhone users regularly carried another mobile phone as well, most often a BlackBerry

Yahoo: Mobile Will Dominate PCs by 2016 – Greg Sterling, LocalMobileSearch.net 

Geraldine Wilson, Yahoo! Europe predicted that by 2016, mobile Internet access will surpass that of PC-based access: “We believe that by 2016, more users will access the internet from their mobile devices than the fixed PC. Currently there are approximately a billion PCs and three billion mobiles.”

[Greg Sterling] informally predicted to a client yesterday this would likely happen in terms of search query volume perhaps as early as 2013. But what will the sessions be like and how effectively will they be monetized? And how effective an ad medium will mobile become for marketers?

Pew: Web Not Key To Final Buying Decisions – Mark Walsh, Mediapost.com

While the Internet has become a key information source for researching products, it doesn’t have a major impact on consumers’ final purchases, according to a new study. Findings from the Pew Internet & American Life Project survey tracking buying habits related to music, cell phones and homes suggest the Web is just one of various resources people use before making purchases. And only a minority of consumers actually end up buying online directly

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