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A reader asked me serveral months ago if I knew of software to track local search standings. Advanced Web Ranking had just implemented the feature (after a year of hounding) and I told the reader about it with a caution that I had not yet tried it.

He just took the time to email his comments:

It’s been a while, but I’m the person who wrote you asking if you knew of a good local seo tracking software option.  You recommended Advanced Web Ranking.  I wanted to let you know that their software is working great!  When I first tested it, the local search tracking had some bugs and did not report the ranks correctly. They have fixed those issues though and the software works great to get results from Google Maps and Yahoo Local Business.  They do not yet have local search tracking for Live (MSN) or Ask, but said they plan to add those as some point.

I subsequently have used the feature and it has become quite useful for automated tracking. The software works on Mac, Windows or Linux and pricing starts at $99.

Are there other products that will automatically track local search standings?

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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4 thoughts on “Local Seo Tracking Software”

  1. That is a nice feature. What else does it do?

    If I have to track lots and lots of sites, it has merit at a cost. If its only a couple of sites, one can track that manually.

  2. AWR is great for tracking Google Places and they have nicely implemented a feature where you can track organic rankings without google places which is good where you want to see the results without the blended 7 or 3 pack. But…I have a tricky question does anyone know of any software that will track Google Places listings that are not associated with a website? AWR requires a website but many local listings don’t have websites yet (I know that they should but some don’t)…any ideas?

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