Google Maps now offering contour lines – Hybrid view gone?

Updated 9:00 04/03/08 Gregor J. Rothfuss of notes that the Hybrid view is now moved under Satellite view. Click on it to see “Show labels” (the old Hybrid view).

Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog reported that New Contour Lines in Google Maps.

Google has announced a new feature to the terrain relief maps they added last November to Google Maps. Now when you zoom in closer, the terrain shows contour lines to give you an even better feel for the lay of the land. These types of maps are the type most hikers use to plan their trips. Unfortunately, the degree of resolution at this point is not quite good enough for hiking, and the trails aren’t shown by default in Google Maps. But, the enhancement is a really nice feature that enhances the understanding of the terrain and it looks excellent.

Martin has noticed below that the hybrid view has gone missing with this upgrade.

Here is a Google Map showing contour lines in the area where my house is located:

View Larger Map

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Google Maps now offering contour lines - Hybrid view gone? by

6 thoughts on “Google Maps now offering contour lines – Hybrid view gone?”

  1. this feature is really great, i think the quality of the pictures provided is really high as well! it’s even fun to use this overview here in Barcelona and much better to understand than hybrid view. Speaking of which, where did it go?

  2. I find it beautiful as well but probably not appreciated by the many in the search world :).

    Good question on the hybrid… I was so enamored of the view, I hadn’t noticed


  3. @gregor,
    thx! like mike I was fully taken by the view 😉 good to know hybrid is still available. Even think labels are on in satellite view by default, no?

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