How to change your Business Address in the Internet Age

Update: Please see An Internet Change of Address Guide

It used to be a relatively simple job to get your address changed when you moved a business. You simply needed to contact the four or five principal parties; the Post Office, the Phone Company, your Yellow Page Rep (actually he would track you down), the Newspaper and your current customer base.

In the Internet age this process has become more complicated. The PlusBox from Google manages to excacerbate the problem by highlighting your old address for what seems like forever.

I have over the past several weeks written about the problem of erroneous address information in the Google PlusBox (here and here) and recently Bill Slawski covered the issue with one of his Google patent reviews.

But I felt the urge to respond to this familiar sounding message requesting help with their erroneous PlusBox in the Google Maps for Business Group the other day. I posted my response at SearchEngineLand:
Change Your Address In The Google Plusbox In 5 Simple Steps

To Sphinn the SEL article

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13 thoughts on “How to change your Business Address in the Internet Age”

  1. Mike, nice article I’d have to admit I am a little disappointed you didn’t mention Localeze as one of the sources for a business to interact with when updating their address. Here is a link where a business can add, edit or delete their listing within our database which is currently licensed to more then 60 local search or directory sites. if this comes across as too much of a company endorsment, I won’t be offended if you delete the comment.

  2. Hi Gib

    In all of my general articles I do mention Localeze. However this article was specifically about Google’s travails with the PlusBox and how a business could get that changed. I was under the impression that Localeze was not yet selling data to Google. Is that incorrect?

    I will be sure in future articles on the topic to mention you whenever appropriate.


  3. We have a listing on GoogleMaps (Jupiter Counseling), and the other day I visited it and there was a link someone not affiliated with us placed under our weblinks to the Qigong Institute, and she listed herself as being at our address and teaching Qigong and being a “Law of Attraction Counselor”, and we cannot get it removed. The people at Google have been unwilling to help us, and they hang up on me, refusing to get me to a supervisor or technical support. Anyone know what I can or should do? This information is damaging to our business. I can’t get an answer from anyone as to what to do. Thank you. Please send answer to

  4. @ David Goodman–It is pretty much impossible to get any customer service from Google. They are simply far too big to handle any sort of request. Even if you have a paid Adwords account with them, you can’t get a sales rep to personally assist you unless you are spending more than 10k per month with them. My best advice would be to see if you can delete the listing, then wait a week or so, and re-post. Other than that, not sure what to do! I feel your pain!

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