Google Maps Guide Brian promoting new Add to Map feature

I just received the following email from Maps Guide Brian:

From: “Maps Guide Brian”
Date: Tue, March 18, 2008 6:10 pm
To: “Google Maps Help Group – Current Issues”

Add, edit and mark locations for removal. Check out videos and
instructions in the “Editing places” section of the “Search” tab in
the Google Maps User Guide.
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Google Maps Guide Brian promoting new Add to Map feature by

2 thoughts on “Google Maps Guide Brian promoting new Add to Map feature”

  1. So okay, Google Maps goes wiki? multi-user collaboration to create; at first chaos and then what?

    “Of course, we’ve taken steps to help protect accuracy — for example, you’ll still be able to see the original listing information along with the history of changes made.”

    What if I’m the business owner and I do not want a john doe to edit my details? Will my listing get at least some identification that the information was provided by the business owner? Will the business owner have the ability to do a rollback?
    I’m still a bit skeptic about this feature. Is it an effort to create more accurate listings in Google Maps? And does it affect the authoritive answers in the Onebox as well?

  2. Hi Martin

    It is a brave new world that is for sure.

    I haven’t tried the “edit” function yet but on the added function there is a notation that it has been added. It is not clear what is involved in a rollback or if it just requires a reeedit. Once a record is claimed in the LBC is it less susceptible to change? Is the owner given some authority> I don’t know yet. Lots of questions.

    As I noted yesterday, it ranks immediately in Maps when added depending on all of the variables but does not show up in the OneBox. At least it doesn’t show up in the onebox immediately. Who knows what will happen over time as the listing picks up some sort of authority. And how long that will take.

    Google’s take is that the only way to make local accurate is to have the wisdom of the masses at work. How they will keep the evil of the minority from taking over is still to be seen.


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