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Incomplete and Wrong Data in Google Local Search

– Bill Slawski, SeobytheSea.com

Bill covers some of the patents that relate to the post here last week: Google Plus Box – Where does the (wrong) data come from?
Deer Blogs His Own GPS Position in Google Earth – Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog

A report on a very cool  real time animal  tracking experiment. I can’t wait until worried parents start the same experiment with their teenage children. Or perhaps overanxious citizenry implant this technology in sex offenders (only in America).

Google on SDK Competition with iPhone: We’ve Had More Downloads  – Greg Sterling, LocalMobile Search

Clearly the move from cell phone to mobile internet mobile platform will not be Apple’s market alone. Google is going to be right there. It will be interesting to see which of the two has more success convincing the owners of the “walled gardens” to open up their networks and if one of them becomes the leading mobile computing platform.

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2 thoughts on “Local Links of Interest”

  1. That was a great post on Bill’s blog! I read your commentary and Dave’s with interest.

    Did you guys see the blog post I wrote a day or two ago on a similar topic…not exactly the same, but similar? Let me put the link here so you can, perhaps, tell me if it’s relevant to this discussion:

    Because I am seeing different results in the 3 & 10 packs from what is available within maps for the same query, I have been left wondering what Google is doing. Any ideas?


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