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Over the past several weeks I had experienced a business listing that was present in the Authoritative Onebox, present in the Local 10 Pack (Michael Donnelly Interior Design – Buffalo), but was nowhere to be found in the Maps listing even when selecting the “more” info link showing in the Authoritative OneBox or the 10 pack main search results. It was not visible with a direct Maps search either except as a blue MyMaps entry. This problem had been reported in the Google Maps for Business Groups as well.

Apparently this is a known problem that Google acknowledged last week in the current issues section of the Maps Group:

Alert for Business Owners: Some verified listings aren’t displaying on
Google Maps. Our team is aware and currently investigating. Stay tuned!

My kudos to the king of search for having started alerting users to bugs rather than waiting for several hundred struggling users to fight, fear and futz with the problem. If we are seeing a new openness in the Google Maps Group, that is indeed a significant “upgrade”. (For the record, that is my second compliment to Google this week. 🙂 )

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  1. Is this lost listing problem back by any chance. When i search google for “San Jose Skin Care”, our business shows up in theorganic results at letter G, but when I click the map the listing is nowhere to be found. This also seems to come and go to a certain extent. I also sometimes see my old listing popping up on google maps from a couple weeks ago. I changed our title slightly and changed the picture. How long can this go on for?

    1. Often times there are these discrepancies between what you see in the 10 Pack (the Universal Local Organic results) and the Maps listings. They are two different indexes that get realigned periodically.

  2. Hello I lost all my local listings on google ,i was on so many keywords

    Now i am gone totaly Denver airport taxi , can some one help pls

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